"Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person." - Gerard Way

"If my dreams are foolish, I'll remain a fool for the rest of my life." - Naruto Uzumaki

I've made some mistakes and taken big changes in my life and that is what led me to be the person I am today. Since then I have been inspired by a blond headed ninja by the name of Naruto Uzumaki! The names Savannah Lee, this blog has a lot of random(somewhat humorous) personal things I enjoy as well as multi-fandom with Naruto being the most reblogged.


“ … Make rainbows again, okay? ”“ Heh, fine. I’ll make them for you. ”

“ … Make rainbows again, okay? 
“ Heh, fine. I’ll make them for you

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I’ll compile these tracks into a single post with the associated picture in my official blog. For now, check my Free! Illustration Works tag for updates!

Track 08: A Promise Of Rainbows
MAKOTO: It’s been so long since the weather’s been this great! Right, Haru?
MAKOTO: The four of us swimming together like this reminds me of our days in the swimming club. Like how Rin tried to make rainbows while we were playing in the pool.
NAGISA: That sure brings me back.
MAKOTO: Rin back then was a lot more open about his emotions.
RIN: Lay off it.
NAGISA: It sure was fun every day. Ah, but I’m enjoying what we have now, too.
MAKOTO: We’re the only ones using this pool right now, so it’s like it’s for our private use.
NAGISA: When you think about it that way, it sounds luxurious.
MAKOTO: If the old Rin were here, he’d probably be running around everywhere playing with Haru.
HARUKA: I do not run around!
RIN: Enough about the old me.
MAKOTO: Sorry, sorry. But I’m really happy about the four of us being at the pool together, like we used to.
NAGISA: Me, too!
RIN: …Haru. If you have something on your mind, just say it.
NAGISA: You guys have such a dark mood around you! We’re here, so let’s swim! We’re at a pool! [jumps in] Haru-chan, Rin-chan! Mako-chan, too! Hurry!
MAKOTO: [laughs] C’mon, Haru, Rin! Let’s go! [jumps in]
RIN: …Geez.
RIN: Hm? What?
HARUKA: …Make rainbows again, okay? [jumps in]
RIN: Make them?
NAGISA: Rin-chan, come on in!
RIN: …Heh. Okay. I’ll make rainbows for you.





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